USAT Nationals

For about as long as I can remember I have loved sports; watching them, playing them, coaching them. It is in my genes and a source of happiness in so many ways. Sport has provided me entertainment, challenges, physical activity, health, pain and suffering, elation, purpose, goals, success, failures, team work, excitement, restless nights, sleepy nights, tired days, friends, lots of friends, discipline, an un-yielding appetite, inspiration, tears, laughter, broken bones, all kinds of injuries, perseverance, a strong heart, confidence, learning, travel, endurance, consistency, busy weekends, busy days, determination, a garage full of awesome ‘toys’, a lifetime of fulfillment etc, etc…

I’m now 30 years old and at the cusp of something unbelievably awesome, a challenge that has taken me hours upon hours of determination and hard work and enjoyment. In 9 days at the USAT National Championships, if I can place in the top 8 overall (I was 18th 2 years ago and have improved considerably since, last year I was best man at a wedding) I will have earned the right to become a professional triathlete. For me, that means I will be able to race the best in the world and hopefully be able to compete. Unfortunately, this is one profession that doesn’t pay. It’s ironic that one of the hardest sports is paid the least. So I’m not doing this for fame or money, just looking for that challenge and loving the experience.

One thing I’ve learned since my days of competitive swimming at Oakland U, is not to get too excited. The race will come to you and believe me, when its time to respond, if you’ve done the training, your body will respond. The significance of the event has a lot of meaning for me as it is important for me to show my wife, my family and my friends what I am capable of…what everyone is capable of if they dedicate themselves and enjoy the hard work. I have just 9 more days of waiting for a goal I set for myself 2 years ago. It’s time to be patient and calm and enjoy the moments. I am appreciating the energy and health I have and dreaming of joining the ranks of the best athletes in the world….