Oct. 30 Sunday

Bike 1 hour

I felt good after the previous days workout considering it was both a tough bike and then swim workout. Although I didn’t feel outstanding. After a long lazy morning, I finally had the motivation to go riding around 4:30. The effort was to be low and the spinning fast. I went hard only once for about 20 seconds. The rest was just some efficient pedaling with a smile on my face. I went down Hill Rd for 15 minutes before turning around at Pierce Park Rd. Then, I attempted to find my wife, who left before me and went out towards the dam on a longer ride. I rode through town and got on the greenbelt by Warm Springs. I kept riding towards the dam until I reached 45 minutes and decided it was time to turn around. I just missed my wife by seconds, I later learned, because she called me with a flat tire (goat head). I met up with her at State and Broadway as the sun was setting. We fixed her tire and rode home together. .

Oct 29 Saturday

Bike 32 miles in 1:40:00 — Swim 3100 in 50 minutes

I felt like I did not get enough biking in throughout the week so I wanted to get a good one in today. I decided to go to the end of Eagle rd. where it runs into a dirt road. I stayed in the small chain the whole way out and kept the turn-over high with the effort low to moderate. There was a head wind, but the day was awesome fro riding. I reached the half-way point (16 miles) in just under 53 minutes. On the way home I went to the big chain a couple times and went hard 2 or 3 times. Until the last 4 miles I kept the pace moderate to strong. It was a significant negative split and I felt strong with little or no leg burn.

I also wanted to keep my swimming up to speed so I planned a tough workout to keep my stamina up for a few more days before tapering. My legs were a little sore upon warming up. But I believe swimming always helps to recover my legs from bike or run workouts.

  • 500
  • 8x 50 on :50 — I went :31, :30, :30, :29, :29, :29, :28, :27
  • 8x 25 on :30 — :13’s on most
  • 10 x 100 on 1:10 — I went 1:02 on the first one before settling into 1:04’s for the rest
  • 100 easy
  • 400IM kick
  • 500 warm down
  • .

    Running for Triathletes – Oct 27 Thursday

    On a rare gloomy day I over-dressed for the track workout. I drove the mile to the Boise High track today because I was going to try some running flats given to me by a friend. I warmed up a mile at a little over 7 minutes and became too hot. So I pulled my sweats up over my knees and elbows to cool off. When I stopped I felt some shin splints for the first time in ages. I assume it is from all the pavement running I have been doing (Barber to Boise, running in the neighborhood and now the track). I put on the new running flats, which are only a size 10 (I’m usually a 10.5). Then I ran a fast 1/4 at 1:13. The shoes felt like I didn’t have enough support. I was then going to try the other pair but the inserts are glued to the shoe so I wasn’t able to place my orthodics properly underneath the insert. I will have to buy my usual running flats from Bandana’s this weekend.

    I put my training shoes back on and ran a 1/2 mile at race pace. My first 1/4 was about 1:21 so I tried to negative split to get under 2:40 but ended up doing about the same split for a final time of 2:41. After another easy quarter I sprinted one more time with a time of 1:10. Along with some slight shin splints I was noticing a pain on top of my right foot from the tendon leading into my big toe. It goes away when I take the shoe off and I don’t feel it while running?

    I was a little disappointed that my 1/4 didn’t get well under 1:10, hopefully I just need another week before I’m running faster.

    I received a book I ordered today titled, “Running for Triathletes”. With my shins aching and my times slower than I wanted, this was my perfect antidote. The book explains how many people overlook the technical aspect of running and try to improve through training alone. Sounds exactly like me. It goes on to explain efficient running technique and also common mistakes. In the first 30 pages I have read, it seems I have a mired of problems to address. Every time he brings up classic examples of what not to do he starts describing my form. For instance, placing the foot down in front of the knee and hip causing; horizontal displacement, a loss of elasticity in your muscles, more time for gravity to pull your force down, longer foot on ground time, a lean back posture, heel strike, braking, shin splints, more pounding on the body, and much more energy to go the same speed as an efficient runner. Phew! Sounds like I have some work to do as I am a perfect example of all of this.

    I wanted to devour the book in one night, I had so much to learn and was having ta-dah moment after ta-dah moment or should I say duh! I had trouble sleeping, tossing and turning late into the night, I almost turned the light back on and started reading again, alas, 1:30 am was too late for that kind of craziness. I had to meditate in an attempt to get the prevailing thought of ‘running’ out of my head. I was dreaming of an efficient run technique and encountering injury-free running with faster times.


    Oct. 26

    Oct. 26

    8 days until Treasure Island

    Swimming was the only thing I had planned for today so I am making it a good hard workout. My plan is to continue swimming hard up until 3 days before the race while tapering off the bike and the run. I am starting to feel rested, most notably from a lack of soreness and waking up before the alarm goes off. I have also taken a nap the last 3 days during my lunch break. Mon and Tues I slept like a log for about 45 minutes. Today, I slept for only about 20 minutes and not as deep.

    I’m proud of my intricate set for the day. I took no rest between sets. The 200’s are descending while the 100’s are ascending. This made the middle part pretty tough. I was winded when I started the 200’s on the 2:10. I did not get out fast enough for this reason. If I would have taken 20 to 30 seconds rest I think my times would have been 4 or 5 seconds faster. But I got a very intense workout in.

  • 400
  • 200k
  • 8x 50 on :50
  • 8x 25 on :30
  • 2x 200 on 2:30 — 2:17 then a 2:14
  • 2x 100 on 1:10 — 1:04’s
  • 2x 200 on 2:20 — 2:14 then 2:11
  • 2x 100 on 1:15 — 1:05’s
  • 2x 200 on 2:10 — 2:09 then a 2:11
  • 2x 100 on 1:20
  • warm down 300
  • .

    Oct. 25

    Bike 50 minutes — Ran for 20 minutes

    I was not motivated to workout upon returning home from work. It already seemed late in the day with the sun fast sinking on the horizon. By the time I started my ride it was already getting too dark. The new chain felt fast, and the bike more efficient and responsive. I, however, didn’t feel much power, I did notice a lack of leg burn after some hard efforts. I only biked down Hill rd to Collister and then back to the North End. It was too dark to go much further. Rather than stop biking after only 25 minutes I practiced my corning in the North End grid. I went all over, randomly turning corners. Then, I went around my block about 8 times.

    That was to be the extent of my workout but Milo had not been outside and my wife was not back from the Co-Op yet, so I figured I would run around the block a few times. I never, ventured far from home but I ran about 20 minutes, mostly going up and down 17th and 18th streets. I did several far liks and tried to keep my leg speed up. I was euphoric when I returned to the house. Just enough working out to do something…a little speed work…but not too much to cause unwanted fatigue.

    I am also waking up before the alarm clock goes off… which has not been happening for a while. It’s a good sign that my body is recovering well and I am starting to be rested. .

    Oct. 24

    Swim 3300 in 1 hour

    Not wanting to over-do anything with Treasure Island fast approaching I only swam today. My body feels broken down and I need to recover so I can work on speed with out further breaking down. Swimming was fast and felt OK, definitely far from feeling good though.

  • 500 warm up
  • 8x 50 @ 1:00 — 31’s and 32’s
  • 16x 25 on :30 fast
  • 4x (200 @ 2:30 / 150k 10 sec rest / 100 @ 1:15)
  • The 200’s were easy and between 2:14 and 2:17
  • The 100’s were easy/ yet strong and were all 1:04.
  • warm down 200
  • .

    Top of the podium for McQuaid, Lebrun at Xterra Worlds

    Maui, Hawaii – With cloud cover providing some cool temperatures and even a hint of rain, Canada’s Melanie McQuaid and France’s Nico Lebrun took out sterling victories at the tenth annual XTERRA world championship at Makena, Maui.

    Melanie likes winning again.

    Photo By Don Karle

    McQuaid became the first woman in the race’s history to repeat as champion, defeating defending champion and arch-rival Jamie Whitmore of the U.S., who finished third on the day. Switzerland’s Sybille Matter, who led out of the water, took second in only her second race on Maui after a debut sixth place last year. McQuaid, a former professional mountain biker, earned her first XTERRA win in 2003 and finished second to Whitmore last year. This year she battled Whitmore nose to nose all year long to finish second in the XTERRA U.S. points series.

    “I just had an amazing day,” an exuberant McQuaid said at the finish at the race’s new home at the Maui Prince at Makena Resort. “It’s just so cool to see how strong the girls are. It took me a long time to catch Sybille because she was just riding awesome.

    “That’s the future of our sport. It’s not just Jamie and Melanie, it’s Jamie and Melanie and Sybille and Renata (Bucher) and Danelle (Kabush) and all the rest of these awesome athletes.”

    After exiting the water in third, McQuaid took the lead before the first major descent on the 32-kilometer bike and never looked back, heading home with nearly 45 seconds in hand over Matter. Behind her, Matter was using the day’s fastest run – a storming 51:53 10k – to consolidate her second place while Whitmore was determined to cling to third as fast runners threatened from behind. “I didn’t want to give up third place so I just put my head down and had to stay strong mentally,” Whitmore said at the finish.

    The race for fourth and fifth was a scorcher, with just three seconds separating XTERRA rookie Renata Bucher of Switzerland from American Jenny Tobin.

    Lebrun’s win in the men’s race marked a return to the top of the XTERRA game for the plucky all-’round athlete after bad luck with flats and mechanicals derailed his race last year, leaving him in sixth. In 2003, Lebrun finished second to Spain’s Eneko Llanos and was third in 2002 – but he’s also a silver medallist in the world duathlon championships and former world champion in winter triathlon.

    Lebrun took control of the race about halfway through the bike, dueling with Canada’s Mike Vine in the later stages of the ride and coming into transition with about a minute in hand.

    “It was a long trip to win here,” he said after the race. “I was second, third, and today I won. It’s amazing for me. I’m so, so happy.”

    Lebrun said he knew he might have the race in hand when he finally came off the bike in first place – until then, in a race where a winning battle against the elements on the bike is essential to success, he couldn’t really allow himself such thoughts.

    Nico adds off-road to his world titles.

    Photo By Don Karle

    “When I put the bike away first, I said to myself, ‘I think today it’s OK, it’s my day, because I know I can run very fast’ – normally it’s my best sport,” Lebrun said.

    Llanos, the two-time champion, ran his way from fifth off of the bike into second by the finish, more than two minutes adrift of Lebrun. He’d struggled with a slowly leaking front tire and had stopped four or five times to add air along the way-but, as he admitted, it was really the first time he’d had any bad luck at XTERRA.

    “This kind of thing happens on Maui, so apart from that my race was quite good,” he said. “I am happy.”

    In third was Canada’s Brent McMahon in his rookie XTERRA season and Maui debut. The young ITU specialist and Olympian in triathlon last year led out of the water, then held onto sixth off the bike and ran into third on the strength of a blazing 44:01 run, the day’s fastest.

    “It was a great day,” he said at the finish. “I’m just super-excited. I’m surprising a few people and I’m surprising myself, too. I didn’t know I was going to do this well. It’s really fun to do something different that’s really fun and then do well at it.”

    Fourth went to Canada’s Mike Vine and fifth to Aussie Chris Legh, a long-course specialist on the roads who holds the run course record and again flew over the trails with a 44:24 run split.

    Canada’s Peter Reid, who finished third at the Ironman Hawaii Championship last week, placed 14th overall at Xterra Worlds and won his sixth Hawaiian Airlines “Double” Award in seven years (including the last four). His combined time was 11:10:09 (8:20:04 in Kona and 2:50:05 in Maui). Aussie star Kate Major won the women’s double, and it was her first-ever XTERRA. Like Reid, Major finished third at Ironman. Her combined times equaled 12:51:01 (9:12:39 in Kona and 3:38:22 in Maui). Hawaiian Airlines awarded $2,500 cash to both.

    In the amateur division Australian Ryland Garnett was the top male in 11:57:22 (8:55:20 + 3:02:02) and Amber Monforte was the top female in 10:41:07 (3:56:50 + 14:37:57). Those two received airfare from Hawaiian Airlines.

    CBS will air the race on Super Bowl Sunday: February 5, 2006 at 12 noon EST.

    Age is for old people.

    Photo By Don Karle
    Ned Overend, who became the first inductee into the XTERRA Hall of Fame in a ceremony on Saturday night, posted the 9th fastest bike split and placed 21st overall. It was Overend’s first XTERRA since finishing 4th in Maui in 2001. Quote of the day came from Peter Reid midway through the bike course when he passed a bunch of reporters saying “There’s a 50-year-old in front of me!”

    Wendy Minor became the oldest woman to do the Hawaiian Airlines Double, finishing Ironman in 13:50:17 and XTERRA today in 5:06:43 for a combined 18:57:00.

    Bobby McMullen, 42, became the first sight-impaired athlete to compete in the XTERRA World Championship. Led by guide Mark Shaw, McMullen finished unscathed in 7 hours and 45 minutes and got the loudest applause at the awards dinner.

    A maxed-out field of 512 athletes were registered for the race; 479 started and 466 finished. Among the DNF’s were Dominic Gillen, Candy Angle, and Hektor Llanos – all victims of crashes and mechanicals.

    Another previously retired XTERRA star, Pat Brown, un-retired to race with his dad, G.L. Brown, and both had great races (Pat was 29th overall and GL 7th in the 60-64 division).

    Shonny Vanlandingham, the women’s U.S. National Mountain Bike Champ in the short course, had the fastest bike split and finished 7th overall in her first-ever XTERRA.

    XTERRA World Championships. Oct. 23, 2005. Wailea, Maui, Hawaii.

    S 1.5k/B 32k/R 10k

    Overall Results, Women:

  • 1. Melanie McQuaid (Can) 3:07:16
  • 2. Sybille Matter (Sui) 3:08:00
  • 3. Jamie Whitmore (USA) 3:13:51
  • 4. Renata Bucher (Sui) 3:17:14
  • 5. Jenny Tobin (USA) 3:17:17
  • 6. Danelle Kabush (Can) 3:19:45
  • 7. Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) 3:20:01
  • 8. Monique Merrill (USA) 3:25:08
  • 9. Melissa Thomas (USA) 3:25:49
  • 10. Lisa Isom (USA) 3:26:08
  • Overall Results, Men:

  • 1. Nico Lebrun (Fra) 2:38:19
  • 2. Eneko Llanos (Esp) 2:41:41
  • 3. Brent McMahon (Can) 2:42:01
  • 4. Mike Vine (Can) 2:42:22
  • 5. Chris Legh (Aus) 2:43:32
  • 6. Nico Pfitzenmaier (Ger) 2:43:48
  • 7. Olivier Marceau (Fra) 2:45:29
  • 8. Ronnie Schildknecht (Sui) 2:45:43
  • 9. Conrad Stoltz (Rsa) 2:46:23
  • 10. Josiah Middaugh (USA) 2:47:33
  • .

    Oct 23

    Oct 23

    Mtn. Bike 26 miles in 1:45:00 — Swim 1600 in 0:45:00

    With my road bike in the shop I went on a ride out to the dam with Hortie, Remi, and Guillaume while on my mountain bike. It was a perfect day for a ride and being on my mtn bike while on a road ride seemed good for my power output. It was low key for the most part but during several stretches the pace was fast. Before getting to the dam a roadie whizzed by. I wanted to get some speed work in so I chased after him and got on his wheel. He was not happy to have a mtn biker on his wheel, not one bit. But I was going hard, and this was a good opportunity to sprint. I stayed with him for a couple miles until we got in the park, then I let him go to his relief. I hope I didn’t upset him too much. It was an enjoyable ride and the sprints/riding on the mtn bike did make me a little sore.

    Hortense was in a rush to go to the pool after biking and wanted to go immediately. I, on the other hand, wanted to digest some lunch while watching some football. She did not wait for me so we both ended up driving to the Y to swim. I arrived about 20 minutes after her in a less than motivated state. I did not do too much. 500 warm up and then 8x 50 on the :50. Keeping the 50 around 31. Then I just finished up with some distance swims… more to relax and recover than anything. Got out early, due to lack of motivation at around 1600 yards..

    oct 22

    Oct 22 Barber to Boise

    Warming up: I ran about 3/4’s of a mile from my house down Harrison until my wife picked me up. Then we drove out to Barber. It was warm and I was comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. To further warm-up I went down the green belt a little over 5 minutes with some fast tempo stuff. Then it was a few minutes of stretching before heading back. So it was probably about 2 miles total and about 16 minutes of warming up. I felt pretty good and thought I would be up for a pretty good race.

    The gun went off and I was surprised to be out in the front. “Where were the fast guys?” I stayed in the front until mile 1 and noticed a split of 5:20. I felt relaxed but I think in hind sight I forced it a bit too much. Tom came up and passed us so I tried to hold on as long as possible. It didn’t last long. His pace was too much for me to maintain so I backed off. At 3 miles I noticed a 16:48 and was thinking, “I don’t feel good enough to go faster the second half”.

    At 4 miles I was at 22:13 and was beginning to be negative with my thought process. The pain was setting in big time by mile 5 and I just wanted to be done. I had three people pass me the last 2 miles. These guys are my inspiration for my next 10K…to finish strong. My time ended up being a mediocre 36:08. But I was told that the course might have been about 200 meters too long. So at least I might have broken 36 minutes.

    I learned a lot from the race and consider it an excellent work out in preparation for Treasure Island. I also feel that the last couple weeks of intense training left my legs flat and well off their top form. I will begin my taper process in earnest now and definitely need it.

    I did recover well from the race. I felt great a few hours later when I swam 4000 yards. I just swam at a moderate pace and did mostly 500’s. .


    I rode into work today and also home for lunch on a very warm October day in Boise. All 4 ways I kept it light except for an occasional low-key burst to make a light. I can feel the burn in my legs and hope that I can recover enough to have a good Barber to Boise on Saturday. I went 36:13 last year (Pace of 5:49). This year I would like to drop my pace down to 5:20 per mile and around 33 minutes total….I know this is a big drop but I think the recent training and lack of injury has benefited me running skill greatly….we will see.

    After work I went for a 30 minute run. Milo forced the pace early on because Hortense was ahead of us (her first run back after being sick with what I had earlier this month). He wanted to catch up ASAP. My demands for him to ‘heel’ were ignored as a dogs excellent hearing seems to be quite selective. Kept the run short and not too hard in an effort to recover enough for a descent 10k run Saturday. .