Wed Nov. 2nd

Swim 2000 in 40 minutes

The last swim before jumping in the San Francisco Bay on Saturday. I have been swimming hard in every workout for the past couple weeks so I didn’t want to over do it today. I basically did what would be optimal for a race warm-up and then warmed down. I felt fast and the stroke feels efficient.

  • 500 warm up
  • 8x 50 on the :50 (:29 and :28’s)
  • 8x 25 on the :30
  • 3x 100 on 1:15
  • 2x 100 easy
  • 500 warm down
  • .

    Nov 1st Tuesday

    Bike 10 miles in 35 minutes — Run 3.5 miles in 25 minutes

    The sun was racing for the horizon and I needed to get a ride in. Not wanting to change up my training, I was opposed to riding the trainer or stationary bike. So I improvised by doing figure 8’s between 17th and 18th street. The traffic was at a minimum in the north end so this felt safer. If I turned right and then left on the correct cross streets I could go the whole way, legally, without having to stop. It was fun and good practice for my cornering ability. I may need to establish some personal course records for later reference. It was too dark to go top speeds. I did this for a total of 35 minutes.

    By now the sun was shinning directly over Australia, leaving the Pacific Northwest in darkness. Thinking along the same lines as before, not wanting to change up my training a few days before my race, I was forced to run outside in the dark. So I drove to Camel’s Back park and ran on the trails between there and the utility road. Luckily, I had no sprained ankles and was able to get a moderate run in. .

    Halloween Mon. Oct 31

    Swim 3100 in 1 hour — run 2.5 miles in 17 minutes

    I swam fast today without feeling great… a good sign for this weekend at Treasure Island. My legs still feel like they fatigue too easily.

  • 500
  • 8x 50 on :50 my times – :30, :29, :29, :29, :29, :28, :28, :27 – HR for 10 sec 27 (162)
  • 8x 25 on :30 went 13’s on most
  • 5x 200’s on 2:30 my times – 2:17, 2:16, 2:12, 2:10, 2:05 – HR 162
  • 100 cool down HR – 14 to 15 (84 to 90)
  • 400IM k
  • 500 easy
  • When I arrived home at 6:40 it was dark outside and there were tons of trick-or-treaters out and about in the north end. I thought it would be fun to run around the neighborhood so I ran up 17th then down 16th turned on Brumback then again on 20th and continued zig zagging for a total of 17 minutes. I worked on a quick turn-over and on not heel striking. I felt fast but I think running in the dark gives one that illusion.
    I ran into some of my family while running in the middle of the road on Halloween night, they thought I was crazy, and I am, when it comes to training. Being the week leading up to my A race, these late night ventures are important.

    Taking a pause to trick-or-treat

    Photo op with the family while trick-or-treating at ‘Uncle Eddie’s House’.