Monday Jan. 30th

This was to be one of the last monday training days, because starting next week I will be using mondays as my rest day.  It should be better because resting after a hard weekend of training, racing, or traveling and racing will be welcome.  Plus, taking friday off, the day or two before a race, is probably not the best timing.

 On that note, I kept it pretty light, only swimming 3100 yards.  This entire week is to be a ‘recovery’ week.

500 warm up

200IM kick

16 x 50’s IM on :50 / Fly -> 33’s and 34’s / Back -> 35’s  / Breast -> 40, 41 / Fr -> 31


600 (100 fly kick on back / 100 back)

500 easy / economical stroke.

Jan 23 – Jan 29 PR for training hours

The numbers:

Monday: 12 miles in 50 minutes commuting to work / 6.5 miles on treadmill in 45 minutes

Tuesday: 4400 yards swimming in the morning! / 25 miles in 1:40:00 commuting to work (lunch)

Wednesday: 25 miles in 1:40:00 commuting to work (lunch) / 3800 yards swimming in an hour / 5 miles running in 40 minutes – beginning of right big toe pain

Thursday:  4000 yards swimming in 1:15:00 / 1:01:11 running 8 miles

Friday & Saturday – rest days

Sunday:  3:30:00 riding the trainer in New Meadows


Phew!  A good training week ended on Thursday with training hours totaling 17:23:36, a new PR for Tri training.  However, it ended on a sour note as I had to walk home a couple miles due to a sore big toe.  It hurts on the top of the big joint.  Which leads me to wonder if cross-country skiing caused the ailment?  I sure hope it’s not a stress fracture, but the increase in running miles and going on hard surfaces more often kind of suggests the possibility.  I’ll just have to play it safe for a few days; lots of ice and no running.

 I ran 44.5 miles for the week, along with 5:15:23 biking and 19,600 yards swimming.  The swimming and running are both highs for a week of Tri training.  For that reason I’m going to tone it down the following week.  Let my toe fully recover and make sure not to over-do-it.  Apart from the toe I’m feeling excellent.

I did have some pent up energy after taking 2 days off from training, so on Sunday I rode the trainer for an insane 3.5 hours!  I was in a cabin in New Meadows and opening the garage door inspired me…the view was fantastic.  At 5000+ ft altitude it should help the red blood cell count too.  Apart from this ‘ironman’ training, the rest of the week promises to be mellow..

Tuesday Jan 17th thru Sunday Jan 22, 2006

Tuesday – Ran 8 miles in 57 minutes
Wednesday – Ran 6.4 miles in 48:01 / Swam 3000 in 1:00:00 / bike trainer for 1:00:00
Thursday – Bike 25 miles (work) in 1:40:00 / Ran 5 miles in 35 minutes
Friday – rest day
Saturday – Run 10 miles in 1:08:32 / Swim 4400 in 1:15:00
Sunday – Cross-country skiing for 2 hours / run 10 miles in 1:04:30 /  swim 3000 in 39 minutes / bike on trainer for 1:05:23
I finished off last week (Thursday) with another PR for hours trained in a week for Triathlon at 15:48:27.  And started off the next week with some great workouts.  I am having some breakthroughs in terms of volume, recovery, and maintaining quick speeds.  It should pay off this coming season!  
Tue – after 3 consecutive days of 3 hours a day training, I was tired for this 8 mile treadmill run.  Upon finishing I felt very drained and mentally fatigued.  From 7 to 10 & 17 to 20 minutes I ran at 10.1 mph and 10.5 mph.  (5:58 and then 5:42).  Ran for 38 minutes on treadmill in 5.5 miles and finished off with 2.5 miles at 7:30 pace.
Wed. – Ran at lunch, starting too hard causing tight shins from going to fast on pavement with out stretching/ warming up.  They eventually loosened up and I got a fairly descent workout in the concrete jungle around where I work.  
The Swim workout was surprisingly fast with 4 x 100 fast going :57, :56, :55, :54.     
Finished the day with an hour of easy spinning in the garage while watching the ‘Biggest Loser’.
Thur – Biked to and from work + lunch getting 1:40:00 and 25 miles in. 
Ran to the Boise High track and then warmed up another mile.  Ran 1 mile at perceived 10k pace in 5:45.  Then, cooled down a mile on the track before running home another easy mile. 
Fri. – glorious rest
Sat. – Two great workouts starting off with a 10 mile run in 1:08:32.  I ran up 15th St doing fartlik training –> every 5 minutes, do 1 minute at 10k pace.  (ended up doing 6 x 1:00 fartliks).  At the top of 15th I continued up 8th street to the upper parking lot, getting there in just over 36 minutes.  Instead of running down the muddy trails of Hull’s Gulch, I turned around and ran back down 8th street. 
Then went to the Y after lunch and tested my swim endurance. 
2 x 500 warm up & moderate pace
6 x 500 on 6:00
5:52, 5:50, 5:49, 5:48, 5:47, 5:41
warm down.
Ironman Sunday – almost 5 hours of training today!  I had trouble sleeping at night as I was restless but felt surprisingly well.  Have to be careful the next couple days not to over-do-it.  Started off with 2 hours of cross-country skiing in wonderful conditions up at Placerville.  Going up I was too hot, going shirtless for a while do dry up the sweat.  Turning around at the halfway point and coming back down was cold!  The snow was awesome, the sun was out, and the air was mountain fresh. 
Before I lost all motivation, I quickly went for a run as soon as I got home from skiing.  I was planning on at least doing a 10k run…depending on how I was feeling.  I ended up going all the way to the Hulls Gulch junction, getting to the top in 34 minutes.  Legs stayed fresh most of the way.
Getting home at close to 4:30 pm I had to hurry to the Y if I was to get any kind of swim in before the pool closed at 5:30.  I arrived and jumped in at 5:51.  While doing my warm-up 500, I decided to do a 1500 so that I might be able to get 3000 yards in before the pool closed.  Then I took a short breather (less than a minute) and did another 1500.  I didn’t get my times but the swims were quick and over before I was too tired.
I went home and ate a big meal with potatoes and toast and then did a mostly recovery workout of 1:05:23 on the trainer in the garage while watching the Seattle Seahawks crush the Panthers!  Seattle is going to dismantle Pittsburg in the Super bowl!  
Phew!  my long day was done and I felt like I had accomplished a lot for my racing come this spring and summer.    







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Martin Luther King weekend

Saturday – 11 miles running in 1:15:16 / 1:45:00 spinning on trainer
Sunday – 2 hours cross-country skiing / 1:15:00 swimming 3500
Monday – 1 hour swimming 3000 / 0:43:10 running 6.2 miles / couple hours alpine skiing
Saturday morning I set out for a long steady run beginning with 40 minutes of climbing.  I ran up 15th street to 8th and proceeded to the upper parking lot.  Once there, I ran down Hulls Gulch.  Legs felt great coming down the hill after all the laborious climbing.  After a quick brunch I hunkered down in my garage for 1:45:00 on the trainer.  Mostly, I just wanted to get 3 hours of training in on a ‘free’ day (no chores, work, etc).
Sunday – Went back country skiing at Placerville on a partly cloudy day in the mountains.  Were we went there was a couple of fresh inches of snow on top of crusty stuff.  My HR went from 100 to 133 depending on climbing of descending efforts.       

Then, it was off to the downtown Y for a dip in the pool:

500 free x 2
5 x 400 IM:     

    400IM kick
    3 x 400 IM @ 5:00 w/ fins –> 4:35, 4:29, 4:16    HR 168
    8 x 50’s IM @ :50
500 warm down     


Monday got up and swam 3000 yards at the Y. 

500 fr
200 bk
200 br
8 x 50’s IM on :50
2 x 750’s with 45 seconds rest –> 8:51, 8:31   HR 156
200 warm down

Then after brunch and a short nap went for a 10k run to Lookout Point, up Hulls Gulch.  I had a good time…43:10 and was at the turn around in 23+ minutes. 
After this it was up to Bogus for a few hours of Alpine skiing.













Jan.Thursday 12 & Friday 13th, 2006

Thur – 25 miles in 1:40:00 biking and 8 miles running in 1 hour

 Boooo haaaa ha! Friday the 13th makes the perfect rest day!

Yesterday, I finished the week with two PR’s. By getting 15 hours of tri training in a week and running 37 miles in one week. The key to getting that many hours in was riding my bike to work and home for lunch. Which I did Thursday to get 25 miles and 1:40:00 in biking. The lunch hour riding was great while the sun came out; it felt quite warm.

After work I ran to the Y and then proceeded to do 6 miles on the treadmill. I ran 4.35 miles in the first 30 minutes with 2 minutes near the end running at 5:50 pace. I took a short break and finished up with 1.65 miles at 7:00 pace. Then I ran home to get a total of 8 miles in for the day. I was fatigued during the second treadmill run and started thinking maybe I was doing too much. But I pushed it and felt better by the end.

My left shin is ever so slightly sore, but my right hip (IT Band) seems to be doing fine. Once I can run on the trails more this volume of running should be relatively easy on my body. I’m excited to be able to run this much without injury and hope it pays off this summer..

Tue 10 & Wed 11, 2006

1:40 biking 25 miles, 1:30 snowboarding / Wed. 1:10 swimming 3600 and 1:00 running 8 miles
Tuesday I biked to work and home for lunch getting 4 trips each about 25 to 30 minutes.  On the way home it was raining and my brother-in-law pulled up next to me while driving home.  “you want to go snowboarding?”  My initial response was, ‘NO’, I had a yoga class to attend.  But then I thought for a second…the rain down here probably meant snow up at Bogus… Sure I’ll go, snowboarding can be my yoga for the day. 
I’m glad I changed my mind.  Snowboarding was a blast and it was my first time at Bogus in over 2 years!  It was good training for agility and strength, plus a few times we ended up hiking up the mountain through deep snow.  I tried to jog for a bit until my HR shot up to around 200, phew!; was it tough work in snowboard boots, deep snow, and at elevation. 
Wed. I was off work for the day at noon and took the opportunity to sleep.  I laid down for what was supposed to be an hour nap.  It turned into 3 and a half hours of sleep!  Oh well I guess I needed it.  I ran the mile to the Y with my 10 – 15 lb back pack.  Then swam 3500 yards.

500 warm up

500 with some bk & br

400IM kick

8 x 50 IM on :50

8 x 25 IM on :30

3 x 200 desc Breast 2:50, 2:45, 2:39

8 x 75 IM rotate on 1:15

300 easy

Then it was 6 miles of treadmill running.  I ran at 6:58 pace for 30 minutes.  Took a short monotony breathier (1 or 2 minutes) and then finished up with 2 miles at 8.6 mph.  And ran home with my back pack after that. 


Sun & Mon Jan 8, 9 2006


Sunday — 2 hours trainer, 1 hour swimming 3100 yards / Monday — 50 minutes biking, 1 hour 10 minutes running 10 miles
Awoke from a restful sleep to find a blanket of snow covering the ground.  Wanting to get a long ride in I set up the garage for entertainment while riding.  I watched ‘The Closet” which was 85 minutes and then the first quarter of the Giants vs. Panthers Wild Card game.  After 2 hours of riding, I was finally done.  It actually wasn’t that bad, as time went by much faster than I anticipated.  I tried to change up the gears often and stood up more frequently.  Mostly, it was just some long base miles.
Swimming was moderate and I did 4 x 500’s then a 1000 with a quick warm down.
On Monday I commuted to work on my mtn. bike.  That evening I ran to the track and proceeded to run 32 laps with a brief water break at 16.  My time at 16 was 27:20 and at lap 32 I finished with 56:12.  So I ended up averaging 7 minute miles but the last 3 were probably slower because the first 5 were under 7 min pace.  Then I ran home to get 10 miles in for the day.  I am elated that my legs are able to handle the hard surface running…first time in my life I’ve been able to run like this without injury. 



Sat Jan 7th, 2006

1 hour swimming 3200 yards, 1:08:11 running 11 miles

I swam first thing in the morning and felt soo-so in warm up, actually not that hot.  But the water sure was….something like 84 degrees, no wonder I wasn’t feeling so chipper!  But it wasn’t that bad, just took a minute to get used to it.

500 warm up

400 IM kick

8 x 50’s IM on :50

5 x 100 on 1:15  HR 132

3 x 200 Butterfly with fins on 2:30 / was under 2:15 on all of them. HR 156

8 x 75 IM Drill, kick, swim 10 sec rest.

200 easy

I ran up 8th street to the closed sign gate.  I was at this turn in just over 38 minutes.  It was almost entirely a climb to this point.  I started by running up 15th street until it crossed with 8th, then continues up another 18 minutes to the gate.  My legs were aching in the knees, and right shin…not much but noticeable.  Near the very end the ball of my right foot was uncomfortable.  My legs were feeling well the rest of the day however, on a couple short walks.Š.

Spinning with The Man

By Barry Siff .

 January 6, 2006 — With winter upon us, many triathletes find it difficult to get outdoors for their key cycling workouts. Endless hours on CompuTrainers, rollers, etc. are wonderful alternatives. But many triathletes still ask, “Are spin classes worthwhile workouts?” Well, if you’re ever in Boulder, Colorado, on a Tuesday morning between 7:00 and 8:30, stop in at the Flatiron Athletic Club and witness first-hand how a spin class can, indeed, become a winter staple of an off-season training program. The instructor? None other than “The Man” — Dave Scott.

“Dave’s class is great — it’s methodical, specific training, high intensity and very entertaining. Everyone is fair game during his warm-up monologue,” says Sandy Cranny, a four-year veteran of Scott’s class and a 2005 IM Arizona and Kona competitor. Dave Scott — funny? How about irreverent? “Who flossed this morning? Waxed or unwaxed? Bad hair day, huh Jodee? Verne [Dave’s 77-year-old Dad, who is a class regular], think you can bring your cadence above 30? Rich [who jogged a Turkey Trot with his young daughter] — I saw your 5K time at the race over the weekend … you know you can get arrested in Boulder for going that slow?” Etc.

But people don’t line up for the class 45 minutes early to ensure a bike for simply the humor, though. The class rocks! This is not your typical spin class: no music (unless Dave chooses to swoon one of his favorite 70s lounge songs), the instructor is not on a bike, nor is he a “certified spin instructor” (something he regularly jokes about). All 23 cyclists must wear heart-rate monitors and know their lactate threshold (Dave knows virtually everyone’s by heart), as the class’s core 50 or 60 minutes has participants constantly hitting different training zones. Cadence is also key, as a count of pedal strokes is made at least six to eight times per class. And don’t try to sandbag — Scott will eat you up as he did his competition on the Queen K.

Dave started spin classes about 10 years ago, and his program is built upon a progressive workload with specific plans for each month. Roughly 70 percent of each class involves variable-gearing combinations of low gear and big gear, seated and standing, while 30 percent is in a time-trial gear. “Muscle recruitment at varying workloads is important for the development of muscle specificity and the type 2 muscle fiber,” says Scott “Too many triathletes always ride in their choice gear — big mistake.” Besides emphasizing different workloads with variable gears, Scott tries to increase the total standing time in the workouts, shooting for 30 minutes of continuous standing at one shot by the month of May.

What about standard spin classes, Dave? “For health benefits, for most people, they serve a purpose; however, most of them do not follow any sound physiological model and, if you are a semi-serious athlete and want to improve, the classes should be progressive.”

As for general training tips for those indoor cycling workouts on your own, Scott suggests the following example: Include a 30- to 45-minute set that has blocks of three to five minutes in one gear at a set heart rate. Measure perceived exertion, speed, watts and/or heart rate, and track a standard set that you can repeat easily or notch up each week. For example, 12 x 3 minutes on a 30-second rest interval. Secondly, increase the big-gear time 5 to 8 percent per week. Stay in a lower gear, but practice and record the amount of time you are seated and standing in a low gear and big gear. Lastly, increase your strength over the winter by bringing up the heart rate (or the variables mentioned above) in all six gear choices (low, time trial, big gear – both sitting and standing).

Yes, Dave Scott continues to be “The Man” to a great many people in Boulder and beyond. His knowledge of what it takes to be a successful triathlete is unquestionable, and, at a very youthful 52 years of age, he has matured into quite the spin maven. Now, about Simon Lessing’s aerobics class ….