Running along the dirt trail lifted my spirits; after twenty minutes I was in a rhythm.
Feeling light on my feet and alive in my soul I turned a bend, heading up an intimate ravine.
The scene was out of my dreams; a lucent sky in the twilight hours of mid winter.
Hearing snow melted water progress down the rocky creek bed gave life to the valley.
Following the sound of the water up the meandering gorge revealed a veritable delight.
The glowing orb transfixed my eyes.  The gentle radiance created a perfect ambiance.
It seemed to be the pot of gold at the end of the path; snow capped mountains ablaze in moonshine.
Seeing my reflection in the full moon gave me supernatural powers; I ran up the valley to get closer.
Moving along the creek with ice accumulated boulders, the moon set, the moon rose, then set again.
The ebb and flow of mountain peaks dancing with the lunar rays shimmered my space and time.
It was time to turn back… to go home, alas, the orb was obstructed; I had to see another moonrise.
Running to a clearing higher up in the valley the auditorium’s spotlight was concealed.
Then, the audience came into view as the clouds parted.
The trees and desert fauna fox-trotted to sounds of rushing water.
I let the orb fashion its image in my mind as eternity washed away any thoughts.