SCOTT Plasma II; an astonishing TT bike

The World's Fastest Time Trial bike

Aeronautical Marvel



The SCOTT Plasma II is a modern marvel in the science of aerospace engineering.  The engineers over at SCOTT must be former top secret members of creative teams for advancing aircraft design.  Whoever they are, it is clear that some of the smartest minds in the business were given resources to conceive and construct an aeronautical phenomenon. 

Aeronautical engineering is the design, construction and science of aircraft that stay within the earth’s atmosphere.  Yes, this ‘craft’ that is one of the finest time trial bikes created to date deserves it’s status among man’s greatest crafts.  A few of the engineering topics this beast of a machine excels in:

Fluid Mechanics – the study of fluid flow around objects. Specifically aerodynamics concerning the flow of air over bodies such as wings or through objects such as wind tunnels.

Statics & Dynamics – (engineering mechanics) – the study of movement, forces, moments in mechanical systems.

Aircraft structures – design of the physical configuration of the craft to withstand the forces encountered during flight. Aerospace engineering aims to keep structures lightweight.

Materials science – related to structures, aerospace engineering also studies the materials of which the aerospace structures are to be built. New materials with very specific properties are invented, or existing ones are modified to improve their performance.

Solid mechanics – Closely related to material science is solid mechanics which deals with stress and strain analysis of the components of the vehicle.

Aeroelasticity – the interaction of aerodynamic forces and structural flexibility, potentially causing flutter, divergence, etc.


The Plasma II is no ordinary bike.  Riding in the cockpit is a sensation to be enjoyed by all.  That sensation is speed. 


I’ve had this re-occurring daydream.  I’m given the chance to travel back in time to make a difference.  So I go back to 1907 with my Scott Plasma II and meet with Henry Ford, convincing him to create the first assembly line, not for cars but for bikes.  To cement the deal we bet that I will be unable to hold the speed of the Tin Lizzie (top speed is 40 – 45mph).  The event takes place on one of the smoother paved roads just south of Detroit and while drafting the Flivver I’m able to stay with it for an hour; winning the bet.  Mr. Ford ear marks his assembly lines for these amazing bikes. 


Using the technology from 2010 to create bikes in 1908 changes the course of history is such a positive way the results are undeniable.  Roads are created all over the US specifically for bikes, almost everyone rides and the impact to the environment is astonishing less compared to what we have currently.  The obesity epidemic of today never happens; in fact the general health from people biking everywhere saves the economy billions in health care costs ranging from mental health to cholesterol.  People are happier.  Communities are more livable, the air is cleaner.  There’s no such thing as a 3-car garage, but one of the most popular magazines of the day is a design magazine for Bike Garages.  And the bike races, wow, it’s a passion that has the world holding its collective breath when these spectacles push the limits of human endurance.


Yes, this bike is that awesome.  I’m lucky enough to have my father buy my previous SCOTT Plasma.  It’s a good thing to keep in the family and a big improvement over the 12 year old road bike he was racing triathlons on.  With his new weapon we might serve up a good match as one of the better Father /Son triathlon teams around…especially with a combined age of 92.