SCOTT’s Aztec II enables you to enjoy the trails

A reoccurring theme in my training as a professional triathlete, exploring the nuances of my endurance, is the sheer and simple joy of training outside. This is the most important aspect of my active lifestyle. I love to be outside; therefore, I am happiest when the myriad of life experiences conspire to get me moving while in nature. The tap, tap, tap of earth below your shoes, wind in your hair, air in your lungs with images of natural wonder bring out strong emotions of awe, euphoria, and joy while the convergence of a strong body and mind empowers your soul. One learns to seek out and discover these sensations when employing the meditation in movement; especially when trail running.

Beautiful thing about my house is that in 4 minutes (give or take 30 seconds based on effort) I can leave my front door and run to a trail system so vast it has you scouting the wild-wild-west in no time. Your mind retreats to a familiar and astounding place I like to associate with the animal mind; a quiet, here and now, in touch with your surroundings kind of place. The Ridge to Rivers trail system attracts a wide variety of health seekers from Olympic and World Champions to bird watchers and is one reason Boise is so desirable to spirit warriors like myself.

Much like an ancient Angel Oak, with branches tapering off in an explosion of options , does the Ridge to Rivers trail system ignite the imagination with exploration prospects; trails meandering up valleys, through rock beads, along gulches, and over mountains.

To accomplish these feats one needs first-rate gear; namely shoes. I’ve ran on a wide array of trail shoes over the years; Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, Saucony all descent to good shoes. Then, I bought a great pair of shoes, the Pear Izumi Syncro Seek III. These shoes are durable, light and provide the traction you need without over doing it. These shoes let me run free. Now, to my delight, an even better shoe has come along; the Aztec II.

When putting on SCOTT’s Aztec II, one immediately notices the quality and craftsmanship of the shoe. In my never ending quest to run outside, Boise’s Late Autumn months have put these shoes through the gauntlet. I’ve ran in snow, slush, mud, over rocks, up hills, down descents and through tricky terrain. It’s hard to put a finger on it at times but it undeniable how functionally sweet these shoes are. They are durable and light, while providing supreme traction and protection. It’s simple really, they feel like an extension of my body and they make me want to run and run and run and then run some more.

The SCOTT Aztec II is a key enhancement to any trail enthusiasts ambition.