Slow Time and Stay in Motion

Slow time and stay in motion. This is my mantra. It’s a deep rabbit hole that keeps one pondering.

The morning’s chiming alarm sang loud enough for me to reach and turn off quickly. In a relaxed state I grab my pulse oximeter and it shows my heart rate at 39 and my oxygen saturation at 98%. It suggests my recovery is going well. In the dark I put on my bike shorts and proceed blindly down 3 flights of stairs to our basement where my SCOTT Plasma awaits. Still in the dark and barely awake I start turning the crank. My mind is free, my body is in motion and my thoughts float excitedly in a myriad of directions. The only audible noise is my breathing and the SRAM groupo that is clean and lubed well. Calmness permeates while I focus on the never ending nuances of the pedal stroke.

Four hours later and I’ve regressed to external stimuli in the name of Netflix that gets me through the final hour. The three hours leading up to the final hour allow me to stay present and focus on form. There’s so much joy in this eternal moment. Slow time and stay in motion.

The early start allows for maximizing family time. Lola is 7 months today and she keeps me present to a level that is unsurpassed by anything else. She’s a treasure one can only fathom in dreams and then it’s real. She’s a lively bubbly little girl and is starting to speak, “Da, da. Da, da” I can’t help but hear my name every time.

Hortense and I started a run streak 80 days ago. I made it to 40 and now my wife has doubled me up! There’s been some ‘bad’ weather (bad weather is my favorite to go running in) running and late night jaunts but she’s ran at least a mile for the last 80 days and her goal is to get to 100. I think a few months ago she felt like getting back into shape was going to take forever…well; it’s safe to say her level of fitness is awesome. It is inspiring to see.

My training is going well and for the first time I’m attempting to give biking an honest go. The time consumption for biking is a challenge but it is motivating to maximize my ability here. My focus has been on form for all three sports and I feel all three have improved even my swimming. Being a month from 36 and swimming my whole life I have to wonder why it’s taken so long.

It’s thrilling to contemplate the 2011 season; full of hope and aspirations and looking to stay healthy while racing with my family as much as possible. I have not nailed down the schedule but have some crazy thoughts of doing three weeks of grand racing; Wildflower Half, Saint George Ironman, and then LeadMan’s 250k Epic…three of the toughest triathlons on the planet. We’ll see; the prospect is frightening which is also exhilarating. I’ll need to perfect my mantra to have good efforts at all three and still have fight for a long season.

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