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One of the best purchases I ever made for endurance sports cost me about $25 in 2004.  I use it almost daily and it can be found in areas of high traffic at my house for the simple reason of reminding me to use it just a minute or two to reap the rewards.  I discovered this item at an expo during the Pacific Crest Weekend in Oregon while dealing with some debilitating IT Band issues.  I had tried everything, stretching, physical therapy, foam rollers, ice, massage but was still forced to stop running for many weeks with little progress.

Then, I met this nice guy at ‘The Stick’ expo.  10 minutes is all it took.  The next day I woke up without IT Band pain for the first time in a long time.

Utilizing The Stick countless times since has helped keep me running injury free for years now.  I use it before and after key sessions and it has replaced any static stretching that I used to do.  It’s one of the few (pack light) items that goes with me while on vacation (vacation usually means lots of fun training).

I love to keep things simple and using this tool is easy and powerful.  I’ll usually do one leg for 30 seconds to a minute then do the other leg.  Focusing on sensitive areas while trying to smooth the muscle out.  I’ll repeat each leg and already notice an improvement the second time around.

As an athlete and a coach I would say The Stick is as close to a mandatory item as are the shoes.  If you are going to be using your legs…treat them to daily massages with The Stick and your legs will keep treating you to the sport of your choice.

I suggest heading down to Bandana and picking one of these up or getting a gift that keeps on giving for that special someone.

Happy Training,


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