2013 Season Recap

2013 Season recap

After a decade of racing triathlons I began to reach my potential and maximize my abilities as an athlete.  Despite some setbacks, the 2013 season proved to be the best racing season ever for me.  Winning the Los Angeles Triathlon will always be one of my best achievements as an athlete.  To win one of my favorite races and one with a lot of history is pretty sweet.

2013 LATRI Champion: Moment of gratitude expressed by kissing the family ring.

I have to laugh a bit at the misfortune of not completing my two ‘A’ races for the year, where I had primed my body and mind for a pinnacle performance.  My hometown race the Ironman Boise 70.3, was shaping up to be a wonderful day until coming down with a nasty head cold hours before the start.  It was no big deal unless you are trying to grit your teeth with some of the world’s strongest endurance athletes.  The virus forced me to wisely pull out of the race on the bike.

Fast forward to my last race of the year, The Lifetime Series Championship Triathlon at Oceanside and again the stage was set for a thrilling performance.  Often in a race, if you are deeply in tuned, you know how the race might go from the very first stroke.  My first strokes in both the swim and bike told me it was going to be an exceptional day.  The race situation was even better.  For the first time in the 2013 Lifetime series, I was about to take the lead on the bike.  Then, it happened.  I’m sliding 10 feet across pavement wondering how in the world did I get my first crash in triathlon, now!?  The marine layer had made for some deceptively slippery surfaces and while accelerating to move into the lead on a straight away; BAM!  Sudden end to the race season.

Fortunately, 2 weeks before both of those races I was able to capitalize on some high end fitness.   Two weeks before Boise’s Ironman I placed 5th at the Lifetime CapTex race in Austin.  Two weeks before Lifetime’s Championship I won the Herbalife Los Angeles Triathlon.

Winning the Los Angeles Triathlon is a lifetime journey to find my best self.  It took 38 years to find it for a moment, the journey continues…

Other highlights included 3peating at the Pacific Crest Half, winning and setting a PR of 1:49:24 at another one of the premiere Northwest region races at the Emmett Triathlon, winning in a memorable Wind Storm at  the Y Not Triathlon and a strong 6th place finish at one of the World’s largest Triathlon’s, the Chicago Triathlon.

Here are the 2013 Results.

I am tickled pink to be racing so well and still feel like there is so much more to do and learn.  It is stunning to be 10 years into the sport and still just be scratching the surface of what is possible.  The 2014 season proves to be even better.  As exciting as the racing season is; being a dad and husband is the source of my true happiness.  Hortense, Lola, and Guillaume are the foundation for a balance to be my best self.

Coaching at the Y is rewarding on many levels.  Working with the kids and seeing the positive influence we will have on the rest of their lives being about as big a reward as you can get.  Coaching’s potential is limitless…finding a way to enable a passion for a certain type of knowledge is challenging and rewarding.  I’m very grateful to be able to use my service at the Y for a wide range of ages and abilities.

There’s an old proverb; ‘To truly know something, you must teach it’, and it is amazing how much a coach can learn from working with a wide variety of people in our Treasure Valley Community.  It makes me feel humble as the true lessons are coming from the athletes we work with through the Y.

I work with an All Star cast at the Y but also have an All Star cast of sponsors.

Scott Running Shoes keeps me healthy and running all over the Boise Valley with outstanding award winning performance.

Aqua Sphere swim gear is a top quality with their swimming tools, goggles, suits, and wetsuits.

CEP is the lone leader in compression wear with intelligent sports wear.

Asea is a supplement using Redox Signaling Molecules for supreme cellular health.

WN Precision is the leader in bike fits and pedal coaching.

Bandanna Running and Walking is the store for Boise’s running needs.

Idaho Mountain Touring provides the best for that wonderful outdoor lifestyle we have in the state.

Restwise is as valuable tool as one will find for discovering how to optimize your day.

Mom and Dad are always there to provide support!

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