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Kevin Everett: Professional Triathlete

Kevin Everett running away from the field to win the 2013 Herbalife Los Angeles Triathlon


2014 Portfolio

A big thanks to all my sponsors for keeping me in the ‘game’!


Born: 25th of March 1975, Marietta, Ohio

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Married: Hortense  “Hortie” September 11, 2004

Children: Lola born July 2010, and Guillaume born July 2012

Oscar, the dog, joined us in October 2013 and weighed in at 3 pounds as an 8wk old; by 10wks he was up to 10 pounds.  Today, 100+lbs!

Early sporting love: swimming and soccer

Hobbies: Being a Professional Triathlete, cruiser biking through Boise, camping, traveling, reading, writing, white water kayaking, nordic skiing, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, walking with the family around North Boise, doing the dishes.

Characteristics: optimistic, hopeful, dreamer, loyal, patient, driven to move

Nationality: French & American

Biggest Triathlon victory: 2013 Herbalife Los Angeles Triathlon

Occupation:Head Coach SatoriBeing

Fastest Bike split


Weight: 154

Height: 5’11”

4 x NCAAII National Champion with Oakland University Swimming

4 x All-American with Academic All-American honors during Senior Year

5k: 15:51 (open) Oct 2011

10k 32:59 (triathlon split) Oct 2013

Half marathon 1:15:38 (triathlon split) June 2012

April 2003 at age of 28 started doing triathlons

At 28 I tipped the scale around 200 pounds while my 39 year old self is a healthy 40 pounds lighter and stronger than any younger version

10 years later and 138 races builds experience

4: the number of times I’ve broken an arm

4:24:19 Fastest Ironman (112 miles) bike split. IM Arizona 2012

$7,500 medical bill after passing out at 2008 St. Anthony Triathlon

5,610 yards same in the One Hour Postal swim (average of 1:04 per 100yards)

20 hours a week (a good training week)

15 months; how long I went without driving my car (biking everywhere), car has since been sold


Being active has taught me so much about fulfilling life’s dreams.  Racing as a professional triathlete is humbling and the lessons can be deep and profound.  Racing is a magnifying glass that opens a window into the state of your health.  The learning curve can be steep, but gaining the insight over the past 10 years of committing to a simple thing like racing triathlons has far reaching and powerful impacts.

Moving is a real passion for me.  Most of my training for triathlon dials down to a singular focus.  Mindful movement.  Meditative movement.  Quiet your mind and become what it is that you are doing.  Satori principles

Knowing your intent and purpose in life is a foundation that allows for real joy.  By following your passion you can be of service to your sphere of influence.  By trying to live the life you are meant to live, Gandhi’s, “be the change you want to see in the world”, you find true purpose.

My focus is on finding my best self and helping others do the same.  Being a coach and athlete for triathlon allows me to live this focus.  The combination of coaching athletes (young and old) in the community while competing against the world’s best endurance athletes creates a powerful synergy. 

“How?” you say to yourself, “does mindful swimming, biking, and running make you a better person?”

You might be surprised what optimizing your health while providing some mentoring will do for helping you find your best self.  Being active with exercise allows my body and mind the foundation of health it needs in order to give back.  Without my health and without a focus on my health for all my days, what good am I to the ones I care about most?  If I am to give 100% of myself, 1st I need 100% of myself to give.

Start with simple attainable choices that improve your being and enjoy the process and the journey, you will never arrive.  The journey to pursue your best self is never ending.

I am grateful to the simple acts of swimming, biking and running for opening a path towards greater understanding.

One thing I feel that improved this year was my balance.  Yes, my balance in swimming, biking and running but really what I’m talking about is my life balance.  First and foremost it is important for me to be a good husband and father.  This is a source of joy that carries over into every aspect of life.  With Guillaume and Lola being 2 and 4, it is a special time.  My gratitude for life centers on this.


Everett Trivia

Favorite race destinations: France, California and Idaho

Most scenic race: Madeira, Portugal 2004 ITU World Championships (age grouper)

Mom and dad met at a Dude Ranch in Durango, CO

Hortense and I met while working at a computer lab at Boise’s Hewlett Packard Hub.

Paternal Grandfather flew jets off aircraft carriers in the 1950’s

Favorite workout: the one I am doing

Favorite magazine: The New Yorker

Favorite book: The Power of One

Favorite run: anything singletrack but I’ve had a lot of special moments running up and down Hulls Gulch

Favorite trail system: Ridge to Rivers (it’s my back yard)

Favorite role model: Charlie French, he is 88 and still traveling the world, innovating and racing triathlons

Favorite alter ego: The NightRunner

Favorite motto: There is no bad weather, just bad gear /with great gear there is only great weather

Play well!


Click here for a synopsis of the wonderful 2013 Season.



2011 Portfolio

Kevin Everett Professional Triathlete & Full Time YMCA Coach.

Hortense and I are proud parents; Lola Annabelle was born July 20, 2010 and the joy is evident in the Everett household.

As a Professional Triathlete I am fortunate to race against the world’s greatest athletes in amazing venues around the world.For me it’s the lifestyle of staying active, being outside and challenging the body and mind to be its best.My role models are guys like Charlie French who at 84 years young are still traveling the world and competing in triathlons.This is a journey towards lifelong health.

As a coach at the YMCA I work with the community in an extremely rewarding job by spreading the Y values of youth development, promoting healthy living, and social responsibility.As a coach to the Swimfit program (Masters, triathletes & fitness swimmers) and the Boise Y TriClub I work with all levels from beginners to experts; all becoming more skilled in the art of moving their body proficiently.

I’m also privileged to be coaching the new, yearlong Youth Triathlon program where swimming, biking and running just makes sense for kids.We keep it fun and the goal is to teach some of the best lifelong skills anyone can have.Seeing firsthand the power an active lifestyle has in our community is gratifying.

My 2010 results are here.Highlights include a 9th place finish at Wildflower (2nd American qualified me for ITU World Championships in Germany), 5th at ITU Pan American Cup San Francisco, 5th at San Francisco’s Alcatraz Triathlon, and a 3rd at Scott Tinley’s Triathlon and an Ironman debut at Arizona leading a stacked field for much of the race and running in 6th place at mile 14 before fading to a walk.

In 2011 I’ll race professionally at every distance all over the US and Europe and look to compete in the inaugural Lifetime LeadManTri, the $1 million prize purse at Hy-Vee’s Triathlon in Des Moines, Xterra US National Championships, ITU Long Course World Championships in Las Vegas, Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas as well as the Ironman World Championships in Kona along with 5150, Lifetime and TriCal race series.

I hope to have a busy and fun 2011 schedule which will depend largely on sponsors.Click here for what the Dream Schedule for 2011 looks like.

Please join in on the journey and help the Y grow the already 400+ athletes we work with that strive to move their bodies.Those interested in sponsoring Team Everett, please contact achi11e5@yahoo.com

Lead IM Arizona the entire 1st lap and stayed with leaders through 90 miles. Click photo for US TV Coverage

Compliment of the day when Matt Lieto expressed on IM Live that my aero position was perfect and that my position looked the best out of a stellar field. Thanks Matt!




Idaho Statesman photo on front page of Sports

Embarking on the 2010 season and entering my 5th season as a professional triathlete is exciting for me.The transformation is almost complete to where I can consider myself a well-rounded triathlete, the one missing piece being a solid run.After seven years of searching for it, I believe it’s here.Being 34 years old and still improving at this level gives me a wonderful mix of feeling like 18 while having the wisdom of someone much older.Train smart for triathlons and you too will find the fountain of youth.It’s in all of us.

2009 was monumental on many fronts, starting a new career at the beloved Downtown Boise YMCA being one of them.I’ve always wanted to be a coach but was lured into the I.T. world out of college.After 10 years getting intimate with my pc for much of my day…this job has been a breath of fresh air.Not only do I get to coach the Boise Y TriClub (150 members) but I’m also heading up a burgeoning Masters/adult swim program.This job falls right in line with my core values and being a part of an active community improving its body, mind, and soul.

That’s a big deal but pales in comparison to the fact that Hortense and I are expecting our first child on July 20th 2010.Here we go!

Here is my 2010 schedule

As I enter what I truly believe will be my most successful triathlon season ever, I am in need of a sponsor.  For the past five years as a professional triathlete, I have been sponsored by either Tamarack /Wild Rockies and also last year in France by the Saint Jean du Monts team.  I have shown 100% commitment and loyality to my sponsors and look forward to continuing this.

I had a strong year last year, with a 12th place finish at the US Open in the Olympic Distance, some great races in Europe and being the top Idaho finisher at the Boise 70.3.  My winter training has been far ahead of any previous winter, with an emphasis on my run, which has been my weakest link.

Racing as a Professional Triathlete is an expensive hobby and my biggest need is help for travel expenses and race fees.To race in the Boise 70.3 Ironman as a Pro will cost me $750.

Please contact me at achi11e5@yahoo.com




Alexander (2008 Ironman World Champion) & Everett in 3rd & 4th at 2008 St Anthony’s Triathlon

Objective: To partner with organizations looking to promote and associate with healthy, active, fun-loving, forward thinking people.  To inspire healthy lifestyles while persistently searching for ways to improve ones body, mind, and overall well-being.  Teaming up with an organization that shares a love and passion for adventure and tough challenges means improving our communities.

  • ResidenceBoise ID
  • Occupation IT Operations Quality Assurance
  • DOBMarch 25, 1975
  • E-mailachi11e5@yahoo.com

In his remarkable collegiate career spanning fours years at Oakland University Kevin was an NCAA All American and NCAA II National Champion in swimming every year. He graduated with a BA in Psychology, a BS minor in Biology, and is one term shy of holding a BS in Computer Science. He presently resides in his hometown of Boise, Idaho where he works in IT Operations at www.PersonalShopper.com .

Kevin’s background may be in swimming but just like his education he is an extremely well rounded and accomplished athlete. Once graduating college he took an extended break from the hard pace of competitive swimming to whitewater kayak (his favorite sport), ski, snowboard, mountain bike, and with left over time, even play water polo. The competitive spirits of athletes are difficult to hold at bay for long and in the spring of 2003 he returned to intense training with the focus on triathlons, and has enjoyed a more enriching life ever since. Kevin exploits his natural talents as a swimmer, yet is equally at home on the bike while improving on his feet.
Kevin’s 4th year as a professional triathlete promises to be an exciting 2009.He looks to be a factor at the Tri-California races, Wildflower and Escape from Alcatraz before peeking for his hometown race; Boise Ironman 70.3.Then, it’s off to France for 4 months where he will train and race with the Divison I Saint Jean de Monts Triathlon Club.  The competition will include the fittest international athletes on the planet as Kevin races with Olympians and World Champions while traveling around North America and Europe.

2009 Schedule

2008 Results


National Champions 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

Kevin and his wife Hortense moments before a triathlon start

Kevin and his wife Hortense moments before a triathlon start

2008 portfolio archive


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